Gyptian was established in 2019 when two of its founders, Nour El Demerdash & Sherifa El Demerdash, recognised the lack of exhibition spaces in Cairo focused on displaying photography, whether by emerging or established photographers. To solve this problem, Gyptian was established with two goals: to give photographers the opportunity to exhibit their artwork to the general public, and to provide them with an outlet to sell premium fine art photography prints in a sustainable way that offers customers flexibility and convenience when browsing and purchasing photography. 

Over the past two years Gyptian has organised various photography exhibitions including 'See Another Side', 'Connection Cairo', and the 'Gyptian Photo Show', which have strived to position photography as the premium fine art form that it is, while at the same time providing photographers with a platform to display their artwork to the general public and highly distinguished guests. Simultaneously, our online gallery has become the number one digital platform for Egyptian fine art photography. Customers benefit from the ability to customise their orders; all photographs displayed by Gyptian can be ordered in five different sizes and framed in premium wooden frames that are available in three different colours. Since 2019, Gyptian has proudly managed the sale of hundreds of photographs to discerning customers both in Egypt and abroad.

Today, Gyptian welcomes artists across every genre of the photographic medium, provided that their photography meets the artistic standards set forth by the Gyptian Curation Board and the photographs satisfy one or both of the following criteria: 1) the photograph was taken by an Egyptian artist, and/or 2) the photograph showcases Egyptian subject matter. We organise several exhibitions per annum and the full collection of photographs is available online at